Tuesday, March 29, 2016

About Me...

Hello! My name is Jaime Cusick and I live in the great Midwest…specifically Kansas City, Missouri (not Kansas). My hubby and I are Kansas City natives, although I lived in Seattle for a stint in my twenties. We have a five year old boy who is such a little dude – he loves movies, video games, trains, Star Wars…and pretty much any toy that he can bash into something else or shoot with a Nerf gun. So far we sound pretty normal, but you should know that we’re a family of geeks. Of course, the word geek has come a long way in the past few decades, so we know that telling you we love Star Wars and Harry Potter no longer qualifies. Yes, we take it to another level with matching Star Wars tattoos after my husband and I married, but still not super geeky. However, we play a table top RPG, similar to Dungeons and Dragons, of which I’m the GM. I play World of Warcraft. My husband plays Tom Clancy on the PS4 with another group of friends. My kid’s favorite game in the world is Halo. We love superhero movies, the Lord of the Ring trilogy, the Hobbit trilogy, we watch Arrow and the Flash. We go to the local Comicon and the Renaissance Festival every year. On top of our love of everything geek, we could also be considered technophiles. We are usually early adopters with a healthy batch of Apple products as well as the Amazon Echo. We’ve added smart outlets and light switches to our Echo as well as a Phillips Hue. We have an Xbox One, PS4, and a Wii U…which are all played regularly. We have a projector in the basement generating a 126 inch screen of glorious motion pictures. We like our technology and we’re lucky living in Kansas City as we were the first city to receive Google Fiber…which is life changing with a household like ours. This blog will review different tech products that we use – both as individuals and as a family. We’ll also review games, movies, and anything else that I feel like others would like to know about. Hell, if I find a good recipe or craft, I might include it. Hopefully this is interesting to the dozens of people who might stumble across this blog. Enjoy!! XOXO

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